We would be unable to fulfil orders from 14/01/24 to 25/01/24. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Corporate Orders & Events

We would love to be part of your event!

Special pricing & customized packaging is available for orders of 30 jars and above.

Mini Dessert Table 100ml jars are available! (minimum order of 30 jars)


100ml Jar Prices:
Original | Wholesale (60 & above jar orders)
$4.50 | $3.90 Banana Milk Pudding 
$4.80 | $4.20 Strawberry Shortcake
$5.50 | $4.20 Classic Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic) 
$6.50 | $4.80 Classic Tiramisu (With Alcohol) 
$6.50 | $4.80 Rich Chocolate Tiramisu
$7.50 | $5.90 Matcha Tea-ramisu
$7.50 | $5.90 Hazelnut Praline Tiramisu
$7.50 | $5.90 Pistachio Tiramisu


Our packages include but are not limited to: Weddings, Corporate orders, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Baby's First Month. 

Complimentary Jar Personalization

Would like to have your names or company logo printed on our jars? Send us your artwork and delight your guests with delicious treats that are uniquely yours!


Email us at info@toastedcreme.com to enquire about our packages!